We are able to extract an unique oil from the seeds. The manufacture of this virgin oil is admittedly somewhat complicated, but Biomega is able to do.

The gained oil is very skin-friendly, and conducive to elasticity. Due to a high concentration of tocopherols, baobab oil exhibits remarkable stability. The oil contains 30 % saturated fatty acids and 70 % unsaturated fatty acids. The saturated fatty acids are mainly palmitic acid and stearic acid and the unsaturated fatty acids are mainly oleic and linoleic acid. In addition the oil contains phytosterols like ß-sitosterol and cyclopropene fatty acids.

- Dry and sensitive skin
- Dry and curly hair
- Improves skin elasticity
- Preventive care against aging and stretch marks

Traditional usage
So it is used as cosmetic and in African medicine e. g. as a remedy for burns. Baobab oil is very softening and soothing. Its application is recommended for pregnant women to increase elasticity of their skin. It is effective for the care of dry or curly hair.

Experiences of users show that Baobab oil is sucessful against Candida sp.. The reason for that is maybe the presence of the 8 % Cyclopropenoid Fatty Acids (CPFA). Compounds containing cyclopropyl or cyclopropenyl functional groups can strongly affect the metabolism of insects or yeasts (Binder 82, Moreton 85, Schmid 88).