The leaves will be gentle dried, so that their active ingredients are not lost. They refers to the fingers of a hand, which the leaflets bring to mind.

They are rich in vitamin C, provitamin A (9-27 µg RE/g), uronic acid, rhamnose, and other monosaccharides, tannins, and potassium tartrate.

- Food
- Flavouring
- Cosmetics e. g. masks

Traditional usage
Leaves are widely used, cooked, and frequently dried as well as often powdered. They exert strong anti-inflammatory effects and exhibit sweat-regulating, cough-loosening, fever-reducing, soothing, and anti-asthmatic qualities. They are also used against abdominal inflammation, diarrhea, and insect stings. Because of their anti-oxidizing qualities, they are also applied externally for skin care.